SMC’s Milestones


  • Purchase of 1584 square meters of real estate property bordered by Miguel Cristi and General Luna streets
  • Blessing of the St. Matthew’s Kiddie Center offering Pre-Elementary education


  • Construction of the first two floors of the Grade School


  • First Grade School Graduation


  • Construction of the first building called Niño Mateo


  • Government recognition given to St. Matthew’s Academy to open a high school with 62 students enrolled in the first year


  • First High School Graduation


  • Acquisition of the school’s first sound system


  • Construction of a makeshift concrete stage for school programs


  • Revision of the student handbook


  • Drafting of the first Faculty Administrative Manual


  • Birth of the SMC’s Employees’ Cooperative


  • Completion of the Grade School Building
  • Occupancy of the Preschool Building by the GRade One
  • Introduction of computer education in all levels of the Grade School


  • SMC cited as one of ten best performing schools in the NEAT regionwide
  • SMC figures in Caltex-DOST national level


  • Construction of the new building in May
  • Covered Court for institutional activities and PE classes constructed
  • Relocation of the Library to the third floor of the new building
  • SMC declared the cleanest campus in San Mateo


  • Creation of the Office of Student Affairs and Discipline (OSAD)
  • Creation of the Academic Office and appointment of the first Academic Directress
  • Permit to operate summer class in the high school granted
  • Completion of the campus landscaping and the setting up of resort umbrellas


  • Preparation of the college curriculum to open degree programs


  • St. Matthew Academy given permit to open a college department
  • Preparation of the High School Department for preliminary survey by the PAASCU


  • Revision of the Faculty-Administration Manual
  • Revisit of the Mission-VIsion by the Administration, Faculty, Office and Support Personnel
  • Matthenian changed to Matthean
  • Birth of the homeroom program in Grade School and High School
  • Relocation of the Guidance Office, the Registrar’s Office and the Dean’s Office
  • St. Matthew’s Academy changed to St. Matthew College
  • The title Overall Directress changed to Executive Vice President
  • Formation of the Homeroom Parents’ Team (HPT)
  • Construction of the Multipurpose Hall at the basement
  • The Grade School second in the NEAT, Division Level
  • Construction of the waiting shed
  • Formation of the Faculty/Staff Development Task Force (FDTF)
  • First Medical Mission with more than ten doctors
  • Creation of the Office of the Alumni Association and the appointment of its moderator
  • Appointment of a moderator for Community Extension Program
  • Birth of the College Student Handbook
  • Addition of three college courses; AB Communication, BSIT, and BSES
  • Naming of the Grade School Building as Arsenio Building and the High School Building as Elisea Building
  • Introduction of Computer-Aided Instruction (CAI) and designation of one computer laboratory for the purpose
  • Construction of three computer laboratories, 3 audio-visual rooms, and 4 science laboratories in the extension of Elisea Building
  • Acquisition of more books and multimedia devices for instruction
  • Drafting of the articles of incorporation and the bylaws and constitution of the Arsenio-Elisea Foundation, Inc., and the election of its first set of officers of the board
  • Blessing of the new facilities
  • Hosting of DepEd-sponsored seminar for the schools in San Mateo, Montalban and Concepcion
  • Weeklong celebration of the 20th Foundation Anniversary of SMC
  • Launch of the AER Foundation, Inc.
  • Cementing of the parking space
  • Hosting of the MANCOM seminar
  • Repainting of the Arsenio Building and the provision of iron gates on the ground floor
  • Repainting of the Elisea Building
  • Implementation of stickers for vehicles servicing students


  • Accredited status obtained from Bureau of Immigration
  • Formulation of a formal program for Community Extension (CEP)
  • Launch of the Pullout Program in English
  • Launch of the Fostering Program of the Guidance Office
  • Provision of ‘accordion’ gates/walls to secure the Elisea Building


  • Landscaping of the school campus and construction of the Marian Garden
  • Launch of the SMC website during the first ITC/Cyberfest
  • SMC declared “School of the Future” by the NEAP Deputy Director, DepEd
  • Renovation of the AER Building and provision of iron fence to enclose it
  • Repainting of the third floor of the AER Building and installation of electrical facilities


  • PAASCU Preliminary Survey of the HS Department
  • SEC Registration of the Alumni Association
  • First Graduation in college
  • First Holy Communion held at the SMC gym for the first time
  • First Lantern Festival, Christmas Tableau
  • First Christmas dance pageant for Grades 1 and 2
  • Putting up an airconditioned MI (Multiple Intelligences) room in the GS
  • Participation of the HS in the Digital LG Quiz Show, Channel 7
  • Additional Miguel Cristi Gate installed
  • Repainting of the interior of the canteen and installation of stainless steel counters and exhaust fans
  • Installation of trunk lines
  • Provision of a dining area for the HS Faculty
  • Draping of all classrooms in the AER and Elisea buildings
  • Reroofing of comfort rooms near the aviary
  • Installation of vinyl tiles in the basement offices: Student Activity, Consultation, Publication and CEP
  • Installation of stainless aluminum staircase edge and a manually operated steel roll-up window and door in the Business Office
  • Use of satellite disk for internet connection
  • Fencing of the perimiter near the gym area
  • Additional LCD Panasonic Projector with view tech projector screen
  • Acquisition of the following laboratory equipment: 1 unit of Microscopic Projector, 1 unit of Main Body Viewer, 1 set of Idea Science Interactive Devices, realia: models of the human heart, human skeleton, magified eye, human ear, and an oral hygiene set; an aquarium with aquatic species


  • Level 1 PAASCU status granted to the HS Department
  • The first Family Camp sponsored by the HPT Officers titled FunPamilya
  • Launch of the St. Matthew Laboratory School