Prayer to Become a Better Matthean

Lord, remind me often through Your inspiration

of my obligations as a Matthean student.

Make me observant of the responsibility

which you have placed upon me.

I should make myself holy

through my work in school

and prepare myself for my task in this world.

Let me never forget what a privilege it is

to be able to devote so many years of my youth

entirely to study when other youths of my age,

who are perhaps better gifted than I,

must work in the fields or in a factory.

When I am tempted to find fault

with shortcomings of others,

let me be humble and honest enough

to recall my own negligence

in performing my own duty.

Give me the courage to make up

for countless moments

I have wasted in school.

Make me a zealous student

who studies with a purpose,

reads with reflection, and

allows the self to be advised

by informed people

so that I may soon be an efficient worker

in the vineyard of Your creation.