Written by: Christian Brucelo

February 2018 Grade 12 students are starting their business task in Entrepreneur subject in St. Matthew College. They are starting to have a business in a small amount of capital and try if their foods are going to be popular because of the taste of their invent food or improvable food.  The umbrellas of St. Matthew College are just like a Food park they have their own design for their food stall and the elementary students are enjoying this kind of event.

I think every people who like eating to satisfy their stomach will also enjoy this food park. Perhaps it is because the food parks surged in popularity in 2016. The food business has always gained more ground than other types of businesses simply because it addresses a basic human need – food. Until now many of the Filipinos are food tripper and I think for them who like to eat this is the way to bond with their friends, family and love ones that’s why students here in St. Matthew College are buying the foods they want.

As I can see in the business of Grade 12 students it become trends in school especially to the kids because the food that they are selling is attractive to the eye of the kids and also to the high school students. Because the food they are selling is delicious and affordable of the students in St. Matthew College.