Seen above: The guest speakers, Mr. Caseres (far left) and Ms. Sanglay (middle) along with the class of 12 – STEM B.

Last February 14, 2018, the classes of 12 – STEM B and 12 – HUMSS hosted the first part of their symposium for their Entrepreneurship class along with Mr. Hentje Pellien and Ms. Rhodora Arevalo, their respective teachers in the aforementioned subject. The audience consists of the four Grade 12 sections: STEM A & B, HUMSS, and ABM.

The symposium included two guest speakers: Mr. June Caseres of Red Machine Trading and Ms. Joy Sanglay, the owner of Brain Plus Tutorial Center in San Mateo, Rizal.

The two guest speakers shared their experiences in getting in to the world of business as well as gave advice to those who are planning to start their own business after they finish their education in Senior High School or after they graduate from college.

Mr. Caseres’ session involved him recounting his experiences in running his business as well as the hardships he had encountered along the way. He also gave a synthesis on how his experiences changed his way of running a business, and how important it is to be knowledgeable in order to run a fully successful business. To paraphrase his words, “school is merely a part of how we want our lives to go in the future.”

Ms. Sanglay’s session involved her giving advice and stating what is important in running a business, and recounted that, “an entrepreneur is someone who runs a business and is willing to take the risks for his business.” She gave a run-down on what is important to remember when being an entrepreneur, as well as what to prepare before starting a business.

By the time the guest speakers have spoken, the hosts of the symposium opened a forum and encouraged the audience to ask questions they might have for the speakers. Numerous bits of additional advice were given within the forum, as well as additional experiences that the audience may use to their own future plans.

When the symposium concluded, Mr. Pellien awarded the two guest speakers with Certificates of Recognition for their participation for the Grade 12 students.

The various pieces of advice and anecdotes shared in this day are only the first part of the entire symposium. The second part is reported to be held on February 21, 2018.