It’s not easy being a high school freshman. Ask your parents or older siblings what they were like as freshmen—many will cringe and use any one of a long list of unflattering labels to describe themselves. But then ask them about their senior year and they’re likely to describe themselves very differently—for the better.

Students change in many ways between freshman and senior year. Some changes are obvious; others, more subtle. If you’re wondering about what might lie ahead between freshman and senior year of high school.

First of all after junior high, Senior high school is more important and difficult; you have to get all of your credits by the end of high school. But to graduate you need at least a hundred credits to graduate, and you also have to do high school diplomas and all that jazz, and provincial achievement test are very important too. Also in high school you become more individual with your studies, and you also learn how to work in groups together as a team. Also in high school most people get more school spirit no all but many do, plus we become smarter. In Senior high we start doing bigger and harder projects for example we start getting assigned amounts of words for essays, blogs, and other assignments. And assignments start having higher marks then in Junior high school. Also Junior high school was your time to goof off but in senior high school you become way more serious and reliable to get homework and assignments done. And the teachers start to trust you more in the way that you can get all of your work done with no problems. And we start to grow up in Senior high we start to lose the rude parts of our attitudes and start to become more understanding.

Freshmen are just getting started. The next four years are wide open in terms of new friends, relationships, activities, classes, sports, and experiences. But they’re also four years that should be taken seriously, because they’re the foundation for your college and career choices—and you need to start building that foundation as a freshman. It starts with choosing classes as wisely as possible and working hard and doing your best in them. You don’t need to start choosing colleges or majors; in fact, you probably shouldn’t, because things will probably change a lot by senior year. However, freshman year is a good time to start thinking about some of these issues, because they can keep you motivated.

While freshmen are looking ahead and planning what they want their high school experience to be, seniors are doing some reflecting. Most are looking back at the last four years and marveling at how quickly it went (and it does!). But they’re also looking ahead to their futures, whether it’s college, work, the military, taking a gap year, or a combination of these things. And, of course, senior year is full of lasts: last first day of school with your BFFs, last game, last school play, prom, and, finally, graduation. They’re bittersweet times, but they can also be some of your most cherished memories.

Once you start high school, you’ll probably hear something like “enjoy these years—they go so fast” dozens of times, but that’s because they do. High school is an exciting, confusing, and stressful time, but they are four of the most important years of your life. So enjoy them—they go so fast.

High School life made me learn from my mistakes. Learn on how to strive harder on my studies. Taught me not to become coward at difficult times, instead, be brave enough to reach the peak.