Mattheans celebrated their alma mater’s 33rd founding anniversary with the annual sports fest, Siglakas,
with the theme: “#Shine SMC, More Action Oriented At 33!”

To open the three day celebration, a mass was held on the 16th of September by Fr. Jimmy Anastacio, an SMC alumnus, who shared some home grown wisdom about the true spirit of being a Matthean.

The Siglakas sports fest celebration was not only for students but for the faculty members as well who exerted effort by either supporting their teams or facilitating the different sports events as best they could.

This year’s teams were as follows: the Green Titans, the Yellow Valkyries, the Red Dire Wolves, and the Blue Sentinels.

From September 17 to 19, every team gave it’s best in order to bag the gold medals in the varying events, all the while testing every Matthean’s honesty and sportsmanship.

The quantity of booths and stalls compared to the previous Siglakas celebrations may have changed but the rules remained. Attendance was included in the point system meaning that discipline is a signifi cant part of the celebration.

This year’s overall
champion was the Red Dire Wolves with the Yellow Valkyries, the Blue Sentinels and the Green Titans, as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd runners up, respectively.

SMC’s 33rd Siglakas brought the Mattheans new lessons which they can bring onto the following celebrations. It may have come to an end, but the Siglakas spirit will defi nitely not stop there. Continue shining, SMC!